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agency with clever ideas

Support and development

We take care of your project with the constant same passion from the very beginning to the very end.


Web assistant

During the development process we will assign you a dedicated person from our company to support your needs. Your web assistant will be familiar with your project details from the start and will be able to help you very quickly.

Your web assistant will help you in any case of trouble with your website or e-shop. This person will also help you develop new features for your project.


The development of websites and eshops

In today's internet world, the websites and e-shops play a role of shop windows. Imagine a business located in a cellar without windows. It would be very hard to create public trust and attract customers that way, wouldn't it? However, it is not enough just to be on the Internet. How is the company actually presenting itself is utmost important. Obsolete and not maintained website or eshop will not attract many people. The world of computers and Internet technologies is developing at a rapid pace and so do people's expectations.


We recommend and regularly implement smaller or bigger updates that keep websites and e-shops of our clients modern and trendy.

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